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Smart Microcontrollers

In the past years we could observe the quick growth of a new class of low-cost and powerful embedded CPUs, powering what many now call the IoT (Internet of Things).
ARM's Cortex/M is a highly standardized family of processors manufactured by many silicon vendors, which is occupying a large share of its market segments and is supported by powerful development tools and software libraries.
The instruction set of such processors may contain floating-point and vector instructions, with capabilities comparable to those of higher-class CPUs just a few years earlier.

We applied our real-time multi-tasking expertise to design efficient and reliable firmware and master the complexity that now may fit in such small devices, making firmware development quite a different task than just a few years before.
Porting the MarkDCS run-time support module to Cortex/M embedded processors is an example showing how this class of devices can handle complex tasks.

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