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About us
“ Computer technology keeps moving to common-usage objects and new intelligent devices ”

PROJECT is a small but innovative company specialized in system-level software development.

Since our start in 1984 we pursued what in our mind would have been successful future trends like object-oriented programming, distributed networking, embedded operating system. At a time when using a PC for important tasks was not so obvious, we considered that technology evolution would have brought in even smaller devices with comparable capabilities.

Our development expertise targets embedded systems, automotive technology, industrial control, safety systems and telecommunications.

PROJECT has been a Windows Embedded Partner since 2002 and started doing Windows Embedded platform development in 1999.

We are also interested in the potentialities of Android OS in embedded systems and in the quick growth of a new class of low-cost and powerful embedded CPUs, on which are based the nodes of what many now call the IoT (Internet of Things).